Interfaith Behavioral & Mental Health Conference

Leaders as Healers: The Role of Community and Faith Leaders in Mental Wellness

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A unique conference to host and bring together community leaders and professionals from diverse faiths and traditions to engage, discuss, share, and develop an understanding of the challenges of mental health prevalent in the communities.  

For too long, mental health has not been given the attention it deserves in many communities. People suffer needlessly from otherwise treatable conditions, often hiding within the shadows, or living with the stigma that so often accompanies mental illness.

Interfaith Behavioral and Mental Health Conference is a distinctive forum to bring together community leaders in person to manage mental health issues in diverse communities. 

Ibn Sina Foundation (ISF), in collaboration with National Alliance on Mental Illness, Greater Houston (NAMI-GH), Mental Health America (MHA)Fort Bend County Behavioral Health ServicesThe Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, and other partner organizations, organizing the Interfaith Behavioral and Mental health Conference.  The goal is to challenge the status quo, share success stories, and create awareness about mental health and wellness among the communities at large.





Who should Attend?

Faith, Community and Institutional leaders from diverse backgrounds who frequently encounter undiagnosed or mentally challenged individuals will benefit the most.

These include Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, Imams, Pandits, Granthis, Abbots, leaders of charitable and educational institutions, foundations, policymakers, mental health practitioners, teachers, and anyone else who is in a position or role to influence the community.

If you are a member of the above groups or organizations, please click the Registration box below. Please note, this conference is not open to the general public.



Engage Faith and Community Leaders

To engage faith and community leaders to promote mental health awareness and facilitate networking and collaboration among various stakeholders.

Understanding Various Mental Health Approaches

To enhance understanding of the various approaches to improve mental health in the context of faith and culture.

Community Resilience

To highlight the notion of community resilience through initiating discussions and forming partnerships.

Strengthening the Realization among Faith Leaders

To strengthen the realization among faith leaders and other stakeholders and assist to play a positive role in improving mental wellness in communities.

Partnerships and Networking

To help in partnering and networking within mental health and affiliated organizations.

Enhance Community Access to Resources

To help and educate to enhance community access to the available resources and services on mental health.

Breaking Mental Health Stigma

To provide a platform to share various success stories and models to address the mental health stigma prevalent in the communities.

Partners and Sponsors





Houston Community College (HCC) West Loop Campus Conference Hall Center
5601 West Loop South, 
Houston, Texas 77081
United States

Program Details:
Irfan A. Amin, PhD
Conference Coordinator,
Ibn Sina Foundation

About the Organizers


The Ibn Sina Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit and non-denominational community-based healthcare organization since 2001. The core purpose of this organization is to bridge the growing gap between the health care needs of a rapidly expanding population and the ability of already existing public health institutions to meet their needs. Its mission is to ensure the community’s health by providing integrated preventive and primary care in a clinical setting. Through high-quality care and education, it will enhance the quality of life for future generations.